Water Tank cleaning in Ghaziabad

Regular cleaning of the water tank plays an important role in maintaining good health and great hygiene. In order to keep the water tank free from toxic/non-toxic elements, fungi, or bacteria, tanks should be properly cleaned at regular intervals. Usually, it is better to clean the tank at least once in a month. KT Cleaning is a renowned name for Water tank cleaning services in Ghaziabad. We have earned this reputation because of the professional and top-notch services. Our team of professionals holds expertise and experience in the cleaning of the water tanks.

Water tank cleaning services in Ghaziabad

If the water tank is not cleaned for a long time, there is a huge possibility for the accumulation of sediments and silts inside the tank. It can also give rise to the growth of bacteria and fungi on the interior walls of the water tank.

Using this contaminated water for washing, cleansing or even bathing can result in several waterborne diseases. Besides, there will be a foul odour in the water. None of these issues are good for the health of human beings.

KT Cleaning undertake Water tank cleaning services in Ghaziabad, which are aimed at removing all the dirt and bacteria from the tank and make it 100% clean for storing water.

Our team of professionals makes use of the latest technology and their expertise to provide unmatched Water tank cleaning services in Ghaziabad.

We follow a 7 step process for detailed cleaning of water tanks.

  • Removing water from the tanks mechanically using suction units.

  • Removal of Slurry, fragments, or mud. During this step, the tank is cleaned thoroughly with the help of a high-pressure jet and disinfectants.

  • Filling or repairing of the cracks (if any). Our experts thoroughly check and ensure that there are no leak points in the tank.

  • Once the cracks are filled, the water tanks are again vacuumed, in order to be doubly sure of the removal of dirt and fragments.

  • The tank is treated with UV Treatment in order to kill the germs and complete disinfection of the water tank

  • Another round of putting water into the tank using a high-pressure water jet to remove the traces of the sediments.

  • The last step is to apply an Anti-bacterial Spray to prevent bacteria and germs for a longer period of time.

KT Cleaning specializes in Water tank cleaning services in Ghaziabad for overhead and underground tanks for both residential as well as a commercial building.